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Alien House offers top-tier THC products crafted with precision and purity. Dive into our range of concentrates, featuring exquisite textures like Sugar, Badder, and Crumble, each providing a unique experience for the discerning enthusiast. For those on-the-go, our disposable carts deliver potent and flavorful hits with every draw. Lastly, enjoy a delightful edible experience with our meticulously dosed gummies that blend taste with consistent effects. Trust Alien House for unmatched quality in every product.



Alien House presents its premium disposable carts, designed for the modern cannabis enthusiast. Available in both 1 gram and 2 gram options, these sleek cartridges are filled with our top-quality live resin, liquid diamonds, ensuring a potent and smooth experience with every draw. Crafted for convenience and discretion, Alien House disposable carts are perfect for both on-the-go usage and relaxed sessions. Experience the future of vaping with Alien House.


1 Gram 510 Thread Carts

Experience the cosmos within a cartridge! Alien House's 1 gram 510-thread cart is an interstellar journey packed into your pocket. Infused with live resin and liquid diamonds, each draw unveils the raw essence and vibrant flavors of the plant, capturing its most divine moments. Dive deep into a spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, meticulously extracted to preserve the full-bodied experience that nature intended. Elevate your vaping adventure with the purity and potency of Alien House's liquid galaxy. A universe of flavor and sensation awaits.



Delve into the universe of Alien House Concentrates, where every dab is a celestial encounter. From the velvety consistency of our badder to the delicate crystalline structures in our sugar and the rich texture of our crumble, we've elevated the art of extraction. Offering a diverse galaxy of 10-12 hand-selected strains, each concentrate captures the unique profile, potency, and aroma of its source. Embark on an exploration of flavor, effects, and pure potency. With Alien House, the stars are within your reach, one dab at a time.



Embark on a cosmic journey with Alien House Gummies. Crafted with precision and passion, our gummies are a stellar blend of mouthwatering taste and consistent potency. Available in six tantalizing flavors, each bite is a galaxy of deliciousness waiting to be explored. Whether you're looking for a burst of fruitiness or a subtle, sweet treat, our gummies promise an otherworldly experience. With Alien House, every flavor is an adventure, and every gummy is a ticket to the stars.

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